Update: Our breeding operations are currently on hold as we move facilities. 

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About Royal Meadow Bengals

At Royal Meadow Bengals we breed top quality TICA registered purebred Bengal cats.  We are an in home cattery located near Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. We run a fully registered TICA (The International Cat Association) cattery upholding to the highest standards of cattery construction and care.  Our cats are raised in our home and as a  part of our family. They are exposed to children, dogs and other pets  early on to ensure that they are properly socialized.  Our cats receive daily supervised outdoor play either on harnesses or in large outdoor enclosure to allow them freedom in a safe environment.   Our Cattery is certified  FIV and FLV free, all our cats are fully vaccinated and our kittens have all received their first round of vaccinations, deworming and health checks at the time of sale. Our breeding cats are tested for PK-def, PRD and PRA to ensure that are kittens are healthy and free of congenital defects.  Our kittens are guaranteed to be healthy, well socialized and ready to become loving members of your family. 

Top Quality Bloodlines and Temperaments

Our Products and Services

Cat Trees


At Royal Meadow Bengals we are proud to offer custom built cat trees.  In our experience it was difficult to find a sturdy enough cat tree to allow a Bengal cat to freely play, so we designed and built our own.  Our cat trees are all custom built and unique.  They are sturdy enough to withstand multiple fully grown Bengals during play time (In fact, they support a fully grown human climbing on them)!They incorporate wood, carpet and heavy duty rope for scratching and climbing.  We can design a cat tree specifically for your living space. Discounts are available to those who purchase kittens. 

Package Deals


If you are planning on buying a Bengal kitten from our Cattery you can order cat trees, wands and other premium supplies from us at a 20 % discount. While your new kitten will come with a bag of food, cuddly blanket and toys you may want additional  toys and play structures as your cat grows. Please contact us for more details. 

Other Products and Services

We offer kitten and cat training services upon request. Tiger training is an  additional cost. 

Photo Gallery


"What greater gift than the love of a cat"

-Charles Dickens from Great Expectations



Tel: 780-297-6959

Parkland County, Alberta, Canada

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